Tips for Healthy Travel

Tips for Healthy Travel

Today’s article is about traveling healthy.  Too often, when people head out on a business trip or a vacation, they throw all inhibitions and rules aside, with respect to fitness and diet.  And then when they return, they grumble about having gain a few pounds and feeling crappy, etc…Why do that to yourself?

There are ways to travel healthy – you just need to learn about them and embrace them – and most importantly…..stop making excuses!!  Make it a priority. If you say “I don’t have time to exercise” what you’re really saying is “exercise is not a priority.” When I travel, I made exercise my constant: no matter where I was or what my travel schedule looked like, I made sure to set aside 30-40 minutes at least every other day to get in a good workout.

Travel Tips

  1. Have a plan.  If your health is really important to you, and it should be, then create a plan BEFORE you head out.You can run in the local park, workout in the hotel gym, swim in the hotel pool, or simply do bodyweight exercises in your room.You won’t always be able to control the situation, but you can plan to make the most of your circumstances.Spend a little time doing some research before you go, and you’ll reap the benefits.
  2. Pack a resistance band in your luggage.Resistance bands are super versatile and you can really get a great workout using them.Combine bands with bodyweight exercises, such as in the following AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible):
    1. Band Pull-Apart – 8x
    2. Air Squats – 8x
    3. Band Pull-Down – 8x
    4. Band Curls – 8x
  3. So, your hotel doesn’t have a gym or a pool. Try to think outside the box and understand that exercise doesn’t ALWAYS have to be in the gym.Who’s to say that you can’t do other “active” things: sprint on the beach, play tennis, go hiking, swim, etc.?
  4. Keep in mind that the rules of nutrition shouldn’t change when you are traveling.Yes, you may indulge a bit more than normal, but does it really require an all-out gorge fest every day?Eat responsibly.However, if you know you’re going to eat huge on a given day/night, then be strategic about your other meals.Practice some fasting or skip carbs until that all you can eat buffet.It just takes a little planning and you’ll keep a whole lot of extra body fat at bay.


Keep it simple and use common sense.  There is no need for expensive supplements, complex training programs, and extreme diets.  Lean meats & veggies should be your go-to meal options.  Do a little pre-planning to get some simple workouts in.  Be active and walk, walk, walk.

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