Tips for Better Deadlifts

Tips for Better Deadlifts

The purpose of today’s article is to provide 2 simple tips to make your deadlift training more effective.  The purpose is not to suggest that you should be deadlifting, because that should be quite obvious.  Everyone should absolutely be deadlifting!

Deadlifting is an awesome exercise for every type of athlete, and is also great for fat burning/weight loss.  So, if it’s not part of your current programming, get smart and get on board.  Get help if you need it.  Call me!

Tip #1:  Engage your lats

Tightening up the lat muscles in your upper/mid back will do a ton for protecting your spine and lower back.  There are 2 really good cues that you can use to accomplish this.

  • Cue 1 – think about squeezing a tennis ball in your armpit.
  • Cue 2 – think about protecting your armpit from someone trying to tickle you.

Here is the point.  Your armpits should not be seen or accessible to the external world.  Keep your arms tight to your body and create tension.  Tension in the lats means a stable spine, and this helps to flatten the low back into proper lifting position.

Tip #2:  Keep your head neutral

This means don’t look up and don’t look down.  Before you pull, keep your neck (i.e. cervical spine) in a completely neutral position.  With any heavy compound lift, including deadlifts, arching your neck too much makes you struggle to keep a neutral spine. By positioning the head correctly, you’ll automatically activate the correct muscles and maintain a safe posture.
Give these a try and let me know what you think!

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