Personalized Online Nutrition Coaching

Human biology is complex.  We are all different and we all respond differently to different food. However, one truth that is absolutely clear and scientifically proven is that what we eat matters to our health more than any other factor.  Good nutrition that is customized for your biology will help to lose weight, build muscle, reduce stress, sleep better and fight disease and sickness.

My Personalized Online Nutrition Coaching program is customized specifically to help you to improve your nutrition, thus improving your health and happiness.

What this program includes:

  • A detailed nutrition assessment
  • Custom meal program design recommendations
  • Nutrition education to cut through the confusion
  • Recommended exercise strategies
  • Regular accountability sessions
  • Recommended sleep strategies
  • Unlimited email access to me to answer your questions
  • Brief phone conversations whenever needed
  • The opportunity to go really deep with nutritional testing (only available in the Gold Plan), if you need it

Is this program right for you?

This powerful, comprehensive program is offered to you in the following ways:

What's includedGold PlanSilver PlanBronze Plan
Nutrition AssessmentXXX
Custom Meal ProgrammingXXX
Nutrition EducationXXX
Exercise StrategiesXXX
Accountability SessionsXXX
Sleep StrategiesXX
Unlimited Email AccessXXLimited
Phone AccessX
Nutritional TestingX
Duration1 Year6 Months3 Months
Price$85 per month$95 per month$100 per month

* Gold plan pricing does not include the cost of nutrient testing panels, as every individual’s needs are different, and the costs will vary depending on what tests are used. These costs will be billed separately.

Bob Gardner - Fitness & Nutrition Coach

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