Lift Until You’re 100

Lift Until You're 100 Years Old

You probably won’t be maxing out on your back squat when you are 100 years old.  However, it’s not inconceivable to think that you might still be alive and kicking…..and training.  I mean, why not?  If you read my daily posts on Facebook and Twitter, read my weekly articles and implement most of what I talk about (using the 80/20 rule), then there is no reason to think that you can’t live to 100 and be health and happy.  At least that’s my opinion and the way that I view life.  So, here is some advice on that matter.

1)  Create a Training Toolbox

This tip is all about learning a variety of exercises and training techniques for the basic human movement patterns, of which there are 4.  Squat, Hip Hinge, Upper Body Push, and Upper Body Pull.  For instance, squatting doesn’t mean  putting a loaded barbell on your back and performing back squat ONLY.  Is the back squat a great exercise….of course it is, but it’s not the only exercise to build your squatting muscles.  Learn how to front squat, box squat, belt squat, goblet squat, dumbbell squat.  And then there are weighted step-ups, walking lunges, lateral lunges, reverse lunges, cossack squats, etc…

Squatting is an essential human movement, just like the other movements mentioned above.  There is no ONE right way.  Put various tools in your training toolbox so that you have a variety of tools to use as you age.  The point is don’t be the guy/gal who uses the word “only” when it comes to training.

2)  Improve your Nutrition Toolbox

Young athletes often think they can eat everything and anything and get results.  And in fact, that is often the case for those in their teens and twenties, but that will not last forever.  As your body ages, so should your nutrition. As Chris Shugart says “at 45 you’re not eating for a 25 year-old’s physiology anymore. There’s a word for guys who try to do that: chubby.”

As athletes mature, it’s important to build a nutrition toolbox with a variety of strategies, similar to what was mentioned above with training.  Intermittent fasting and extended fasting periods are great tools that anybody can use.  Additionally, why not plan out a year in a periodized way, much like you might with training.  Perhaps, you pick a 12 week block, where you go low carb or keto, with strategic fasting, and do everything you can to get as lean as possible.  Dropping body fat and going low carb can do wonders to help insulin sensitivity, which will help to stave off many of the chronic diseases of today.  After that, go into a 12 week muscle building period.  The absolute best time to build appreciable muscle without gaining fat, is immediately after a leaning out period.

After that, go into a 12 week maintenance phase to solidify your new gains.  Now, you’re 9 months in and you’re stronger, leaner and more muscular.  And healthier….all by using a variety of different nutrition tools.  Not bad, right?

3) Develop a Lifestyle Toolbox

A lifestyle toolbox would include different strategies, tips, techniques or methods to maintain excellent overall health as you age.  This might mean improving sleep or reducing stress.  It might mean supplementing intelligently and strategically.  For example, if you have trouble sleeping, develop a sleep ritual that works for you and perhaps add a few supplements.  Maybe you cycle those supplements, so that you don’t rely on them every night, but can use them only as needed.

For stress, how about a breathing ritual, yoga, tai chi, massage?  All of these can be done in the comfort of your own home and all work wonders to reduce stress.  Learn different poses and use as needed.

In summary, the point of this article should be clear.  Practice good health tips and developed well-organized and varied toolboxes for training, nutrition and lifestyle management.  Do these things now, practice as you age, and by the time you get to 100, you’ll be lean and healthy and you’ll still be enjoying life to it’s fullest!!!

Let me conclude by giving you this link to an article about Don Wildman.  This workout absolutely kicked my butt and Mr. Wildman is in his mid-eighties now.  He rocks.  I think we should all strive  to be as fit and healthy as him.

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