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Hot Yoga May Benefit Blood Pressure

Hot Yoga

A new small study suggests that hot yoga may indeed lower your blood pressure. The study was conducted at the cardiovascular physiology lab at Texas State University, and the research presented at the American Heart Association’s Hypertension 2019 Scientific Sessions in New Orleans.

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Staying Healthy During Cold and Flu Season


As we approach winter, we naturally get exposed to sickness seemingly everywhere we go. In order to maintain good health and prevent getting sick, it’s important to create a bulletproof immune system. That is the point of today’s article.

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Eat Your Carbs at Night

Eat Carbs at Night

For several years, I have been experimenting with calorie and carbohydrate cycling, meaning specifically timing calories and carbs during a 24-hour period. Recently, I heard about a fascinating and very compelling study that may be useful for you to consider, in which you eat all of your carbohydrates at the end of the day.

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Tips on Breaking a Plateau

Tips on Breaking Plateau

Have you been dieting for a long time, eating the same foods, and doing the same workouts, and not seeing much, if any movement, in the scale or mirror? If so, know that you are not alone, as this is more common than you think. And it is not that you are doing something wrong, necessarily. Sometimes, to break a plateau, you just have to flip everything over and do the opposite.

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Innovative Ways to Lose Weight

Innovative Ways to Lose Weight

Most people generally know what “healthy” foods are.  Everybody knows that an apple is healthier than a bag of potato chips, right?  So, if you accept that, then why are we faced with an obesity epidemic in the western world? Why are so many people suffering from chronic preventable diseases? And why are people eating so poorly?

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5 Habits That Will Derail Your Dieting Progress

5 Daily Habits that Derail Diets

Here are 5 habits that will derail your dieting progress. These habits will make weight loss much more difficult, so learn to conquer these and the weight will come off much easier. These habits include consuming too much sugar, emotional eating, poor sleep habits, lack of a good support system and having unrealistic expectations.

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Simple Tips to Improve Life

Simple Ways to Improve your Life

I recently read an article that featured 5 elite coaches and their opinions on what key strategies they would use with clients over a 7-day period to improve their lifestyles to become even more awesome than they already are. I loved Dan John’s response because it really resonated with me. Note that his tips are not just for elite athletes or bodybuilders. Rather, these are tips that everybody can and probably should do, to some extent.

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