Push-up Superiority


Push-ups are often viewed as less effective than bench pressing. This is mostly due to the hardcore feel of benching. However, are pushups really less effective? The answer is NO, and there is a current study that proves it.

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Kettlebell Swings

kettlebell swings

Have you ever heard somebody say “don’t do X exercise because it’s bad for your back/knees (insert body part).  Generally speaking, people who say these things don’t have a clue. They are uneducated in biomechanics or exercise science and really just like to hear themselves talk. 

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Bodybuilding for the Athlete

Bodybuilding for the Athlete

Physique-based athletes train for purposes of aesthetics, and this is known as bodybuilding, which is a science unto itself.  What about non-physique oriented athletes though?  Should they incorporate bodybuilding into their training protocols?  Today’s article explores this questions.

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Training Consistency – Critical to Success

Training Consistency - Critical to Success

There is a woman I know who goes to a local gym in central Massachusetts. For the sake of this article, let’s call her Alice. Alice is there every day when the gym opens and starts her daily workout on the elliptical before moving over to the weight room. She is there every single day except for holidays. I don’t know her exact age but she is definitely over 50. She looks great and will probably live to be 100.

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The Many Types of Body Fat

Many types of body fat

One of the things that we can seemingly all agree on these days is that nutrition can be quite confusing.  Unfortunately, we live in a country in which the government and medical profession has been promoting the demonization of dietary for decades, but thankfully, that tide is starting to change.  The scientific evidence is strong and getting stronger. 

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