Daily Rituals for Good Health

Daily Rituals for Good Health

I think daily rituals are extremely important for good health.  I have rituals for the morning, at lunch time and in the evening.  Rituals can help to keep one grounded and focused on the importance of practicing good health.  As such, I give you my daily rituals.


I start every day with 5 minutes of gratitude journaling.  If you have never tried gratitude journaling, I strongly recommend it.  It can be absolutely life changing.

Next, I head downstairs and drink a glass of cold water with lime and a pinch of salt.  Then I do a 15 minute prehab session before my workout.  This session includes elements of yoga, static stretching, deep breathing, foam rolling and lax ball SMR.  After that, I take 10 minutes for prayer.  Then I am ready for my workout and anything that life may bring that day!


Before eating lunch, I go for a 20 – 30 minute walk 5-6 days/week.  I typically head outside around 12:15 pm and delay eating until almost 1 pm.

You may be wondering if I’m hungry, and the answer is yes, absolutely.  But I like to think of it as training my mind, body and will power.  There is no good reason to have to give in to a little bit of hunger, so I deny myself, get some fresh air and burn a few calories, and then enjoy lunch.

Upon Arriving Home from Work:

Change into casual clothes, lay out workout and work clothes, etc… for the next day.  Organize for the next day’s workout, whatever that may be.  Make coffee for the next morning.

Approximately 1 Hour Before Bed:

Start the night-time ritual.  Put on my artificial light blocking sunglasses which help me to sleep better. Very important for me!  Then, about 15 minutes before heading upstairs, I start my night stretching and breathing routine.  This routine contains elements of yoga, deep breathing and tai chi.  After that, I take about 10 minutes to read stoic philosophy, which I find incredibly relevant for modern life.

Finally, after flossing, brushing and going to the bathroom, I sit on the side of my bed in darkness and practice EFT tapping.  Then I go to sleep.

These are my daily rituals.  What rituals do you practice?

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