Client Testimonials

I am currently on my 2nd round of the Athlete for Life Online Nutrition program. When I started, my goal was to have a better relationship with food. I have been listening to how my body reacts to food and exercise more and adjusting accordingly. What I appreciate most about Bob is his willingness to be completely honest and share his own experiences.

Tina, Over 40 female, from MA

When I started training with Bob, my goal was to lose some weight for my brother’s wedding. Not only did I lose the weight, but I got substantially stronger as well. Bob met me at my current level of fitness and pushed me hard, but within reason. My fitness level is so much better, but I still hate burpees!!

Jessica, Over 40 Female, from Washington D.C.

I am a member of the Athlete for Life Tri Team. I absolutely love the weekly schedule and the workouts, as Bob does all of the planning and organization for us, so that I can just concentrate on my training. You do a great job! Well educated, organized and forward thinking.

Patti, Over 50 Female, from MA

I started working in-person with Bob more than a year ago. I appreciate his willingness to meet me at my fitness level and needs and always encouraging and inspiring me on a daily basis and teaching me the importance of fitness at all ages and that it is not just for the young 🙂 I believe that I have gained a more active lifestyle for sure and make better food choices while preparing meals and when away from home! I have lost more than 40 lbs so far and am stronger in all my lifts.

Deb, Over 50 Female, from MA

When I started the Athlete for Life Online program, my goals were changing my habits of the way I eat and how I’m now working out as part of my everyday life. I wanted to drop 40 lbs and get off various medications. So, 3 months into the program, I have lost over 9 lbs of fat, and gained several lbs of muscle. My waist has gone done, my clothes fit better and I just feel better. I have learned a lot about nutrition through Bob’s curriculum, which has been a great educational tool.

Claude, Over 50 Male, from MA

Email received from her recently. Made my day. “I had a physical today. The last time I was here over a year ago, I weighed 158. Now I weigh 140. Thanks Bob!”

Kristen, Over 40 Female, from MA

I had been doing Bob’s group training sessions for over a year and having good success getting stronger, etc… Then last year, I joined the Athlete for Life Tri team with the goal of completing an Olympic distance triathlon. Not only did I complete the Olympic distance triathlon, I also had a great performance in a Sprint Distance Triathlon, completed a 1-hour swim, and enjoyed recent personal bests in a half-marathon and 10K.

Ernie, Over 50 Male, from MA

I have been working with Bob for several years now. I started working with Bob to improve my overall strength for triathlon, in order to help with the final push in a grueling event and to strengthen my shoulders. Bob has provided me with several excellent shoulder exercises, which have helped quite a bit. Also, over this past winter, I achieved personal bests in my back squat, bench press and dead lift during off-season conditioning. I am so much stronger and fitter now than I was in my 20’s and 30’s.

Marie, Over 40 Female, from NY
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